a new start

a new start

“lights go down it’s dark
the jungle is your head – can’t rule your heart
a feeling is so much stronger than
a thought
your eyes are wide
and though your soul it can’t be bought
your mind can wonder

hello, hello…
i’m at a place called vertigo…”

i can relate to these words by one of my favorite bands U2, and i feel like this girl in this photo…. thoughts and ideas are whirling around in my head, and i feel dizzy most days.  i am trying to figure out who i am as a woman, a wife, an artist, a photographer, a mother, a friend.  most times it’s a horrible disaster on all fronts, but i keep going, keep trying, keep whirling and twirling about.  so in the midst of all this dizzyness, i decide to start a blog ? well, i want to be connected.  we all want to be connected.  i want a place to share my thoughts about photography, and life, and love, and anything else that fills this jungle in my head.  i used to blog many moons ago, but it was about an entirely different season of my life.  it was good while it lasted, but so many things have changed.  so, here’s to a new start.


9 Responses to “a new start”

  1. Very cool!!!!

  2. seriously awesome… love it xo

  3. incredible! I’ll be over here lots! have fun!

  4. Victor Oliveira Says:

    Love this song, this picture.. a great way to start a blog! ❤

  5. thephotozoo Says:

    awwww! you guys rock!!! thanks for your support!! xo

  6. Jaime de la Cruz Says:

    yay! I randomly blog, very randomly and im very non-committal about it…..I say I’ll do better but I dont…glad to follow you here too!

  7. Teri Rambo Says:

    Woot! Yay! I was thinking of starting a blog too! I think the planets are aligned for starting shit lately. 😉

    AWESOME…so psyched to have yet another venue in which to stalk you…xo

  8. I will drink a toast to your new start. *clink*
    Good luck with the art show (re. your next post)!!!

  9. day 1


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