i get this monthly newsletter from the council on cultural arts in our fair city… i normally just delete it without giving it a second thought.  but a few days prior i had had a conversation with a friend about how much i loved this photo series i did entitled baggage; that it really was the first time i have felt that i am an artist.  i mean, i know i’m pretty good at photography (not tooting my own horn), but i have seen myself grow so much in the past two years.  but this was different.  somehow i felt changed after this series.  i saw myself in that series, and all the baggage i have and have clung to in the past couple years (i think i still have a carry-on to get rid of).

anyway,  in the conversation with my friend, i said that i felt pretty confident that this work could be shown somewhere, or hung somewhere (coffee shop, etc.)  so i sent off for prints, just to see how they would look.  then two days later i get this newsletter.  for some reason (perhaps serendipity), i decide to open it, and there, in the second paragraph, is a “call for artists” for a new gallery that will be opening.  i didn’t even hesitate.  i put together an artist’s bio and statement (which they asked for), and sent a link to my baggage series and a series i had just done the day before entitled the mission.  still thinking maybe i should show more diversity, i sent another set with a few other photos that showed nature shots and some of my other fun quirky type shots.

i guess i’m telling you all this, because if i would have opened that email a month earlier, i’m not sure i would have had the confidence in myself as an artist to send anything.  and even still, the minute i hit send, i had a few of those voices pop up in my head that said, they are going to think your work sucks!  ha.  but i’ve been able to hush most of those.  i’m not going to let those voices win this time.

so i wait.  and wait.  my daughter asked me if i felt like i was waiting to find out if i had made the team.  ha!  (she’s 12, and has tried out several times for sports this year and has not made it).  i told her, yes, exactly that’s how i felt.  and she said words that i have said to her:  mom, if you don’t make it this time, you keep on trying.

yes.  i’ll keep trying.

so a question for you:  what are your dreams?  what do you want to do that you haven’t taken that step to do?  what would help you to do that?  do you need more confidence?  do you need more experience?  what are your passions?

i would love to hear.


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  1. oh this news is just too too exciting Darla! Good for you for taking the plunge! They would be crazy to say no! This is a great sp btw! mwaw!

  2. How wonderful! I hope you get it–your photography is stunning!

    Funny thing about 10 years ago I never “got it” about photography–why people thought it was art or were drawn to it. Now, I’m a novice. I try very hard to get good pictures, learn from others, read articles and the like. I may never have the eye for it, but I’m enjoying the process tremendously!

  3. My dear dear friend, first let me say that you are such an inspiration to me.
    Your work inspires me every day.

    Now.. second, good for you and I can’t wait to hear if you “made it” how exciting. It’s validation and it feels good to have someone else think that your work is amazing.

    My dreams, to be recognized as an artist and for others to be moved and inspired by my work.
    That’s all. 🙂
    xoxo to you and yay for your new blog.

  4. art

    i’ll keep trying


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